About Gallico

Italy, 1944: in the shadow of World War II, psychiatrist Dr. Giovanni Rossi has found more lucrative wartime work as a hired interrogator. However, when Giovanni is hired to extract information from an Irish priest named Matthew Callaghan, a compromise between duty and humanity seems impossible. Giovanni must set his growing feelings for Matthew aside and finish the job, with both their lives hanging in the balance; but is saving someone worth breaking them?

Gallico is not suitable for readers under 18. Gallico also contains themes which may be upsetting or disturbing for some readers such as torture, rape, domestic abuse, mental illness, and the obvious implications of a WWII setting. I do not personally align myself with any reprehensible themes or ideologies in this story.


About B. MacBride

B. MacBride is a freelance artist-illustrator from the US. Although their educational background is in fine art and art conservation, their true passion has always been visual storytelling. B. MacBride’s background in traditional fine art heavily influences their digital illustrative style. Their other work includes Memento Mori and independent zines such as Understatements and Menagerie.